BIOSTAR is now working with RAZER Chroma to integrate their intelligent lighting system into our RACING series motherboard. Razer Chroma will give you freedom to express yourself with personalized lighting controls and provide you more options to fully customize your lighting. When you game, we dance! Do you hear the clarion call? Just light up everything and be ready to get your blood pumping! Victory will be given.

  • Step 1. Get a RAZER mouse or keyboard. ( )
  • Step 2. Install Windows 10.
  • Step 3. Download RACING GT EVO.
  • *When you enter the RACING GT EVO, click VIVID LED DJ and you will see it is controlling the on-board LED function.

  • Step 4. Download RAZER Synapse3. ( )
  • *When you finish downloading all the software, please connect your RAZER devices.

  • Step 5. Close RACING GT EVO and run again.
  • *You will see RAZER logo is on the right of the VIVID LED DJ now.

  • Step 6. Click RAZER button which is below the LED COMMANDER tap.
  • Step 7. Log in or sign up a RAZER account.
  • ( )

  • Step 8. After login, click CHROMA STUDIO which is between CHROMA CONNECT and CHROMA VISUALIZER.

  • Step 9. Shine up!

  • Step 10. It is time to connect your game!

    *Click CONNECT which is on the top, you will see your game is on the list.

Notice: When you are playing game, the color settings will restore default display color settings in CHROMA STUDIO.

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