BIOSTAR Announces Motherboard Support for Windows 11 Operating System


July 1st 2021 Taipei, Taiwan- BIOSTAR, a leading manufacturer of motherboards, graphics cards, and storage devices today, announced the first list of windows 11 supporting motherboards from their catalog.


Software giant Microsoft unveiled the first preview of their latest Windows 11 operating system on June 24th through an online event. 


The new OS looks and feels like a major overhaul to their previous Windows 10 operating system launched in 2015 that lasted for 6 years. Quoting Microsoft, Windows 11 will be one of the most significant updates of Windows for the past decade, featuring major visual and functional changes. In addition to the new interface design, remote communication, strong gaming performance, and support for cross-platform applications, Microsoft has also given a big focus on critical data security and privacy operations in this version of Windows. 


How to smoothly upgrade the latest system is undoubtedly the hot topic among computer enthusiasts in the past few days. Therefore, to smoothly upgrade to the latest Windows 11, the computer needs to support the Trusted Platform Module (TPM), which can ensure and strengthen system security.


BIOSTAR proudly announces a list of their motherboards that support TPM chip version 2.0 and Secure Boot for easy, hassle-free Windows 11 installation. Consumers that own any of the following motherboards from BIOSTAR's current support upgrade list can now use the BIOS default settings to directly upgrade their operating system to Windows 11 without any changes.


BIOSTAR's current Support list for Windows 11: (For the latest news, please refer to the BIOSTAR official website)

Intel Series

AMD Series

Z590 series

B550 series

H510 series

X570 series

B560 series

A520 series

Z490 series

B450 series

B460 series

X470 series

H410 series

B350 series

B365 series

X370 series

B360 series

A320 series

H310 series


Z270 series





Guide to installing windows 11 preview version, please follow here.


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