Performance Refresh!

BIOSTAR Motherboards refresh the performance of your PC again! Intel® Optane™ Memory can accelerate traditional storage devices to reduce boot times and improve the overall performance, like a brand-new computer. This revolutionary memory technology transforms your old PC to a performance monster without expensive SSD.

Enjoy The Exceptional Performance!

To enjoy the benefit of Intel Optane memory, all you need is a BIOSTAR 200 Series Motherboard with newest BIOS. If you already built a RACING or BIOSTAR 200 Series Motherboard, you are Optane Ready. A simple BIOS update can make you feel the exceptional performance of your PC with Intel Optane memory inside.

Efficient Cooling and Stable Operating for Intel Optane Memory

BIOSTAR's unique M.2 Cooling Protection heatsink features ultra-high cooling efficiency to protect the M.2 connector area as well as Intel Optane Memory from thermal problems. This can extend the memory lifespan for long-term and stable operation.

* M.2 Cooling Protection for RACING Z270GT9, RACING Z270GT8 and RACING Z270GT6 only.

Easy Installation

BIOS Updating for Intel Optane Memory Support

Using exclusive BIOSTAR BIOS Flasher tool can help you easier to update BIOS for RACING 200 series or BIOSTAR 200 series motherboards to take the advantage of Intel Optane Memory technology.

For more detailed updating steps please go to :

* The latest Intel drivers are required to ensure Optane Memory functions properly.