Supported by all BIOSTAR Intel 300 Series Motherboards

BIOSTAR entire 300-series motherboards lineup, which includes high performance gaming motherboards, entry-level models for home and office users and the crypto-mining BTC series motherboards, now supports 9th generation Intel Core processors. The models include: RACING B360GT3S, RACING B360GT5S, B360MHD PRO, B360MHD PRO2, H310MHD PRO, H310MHD PRO2, H310MHD3, H310MHC, H310MHC2, H310MHG, RACING Z370GT6, TB360-BTC PRO, and TB360-BTC Expert.

Exceeds Your Needs

The 9th generation Intel Core processors deliver amazing performance and platform features to meet a range of consumer needs from gaming to content creation. It also improves performance for video editing. BIOSTAR Intel 300 Series Motherboards have been ready for 9th generation Intel Core processors, which lead to higher gaming performance and allow for immersive playing experiences.

BIOSTAR Intel 300 Series Motherboards BIOS Support List

To update the BIOS of your BIOSTAR Intel 300 series motherboard to support the 9th generation Intel Core processor, go to the download page of your motherboard’s product page and download the corresponding BIOS version as listed below.

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