Supported by all BIOSTAR AM4 Motherboards

BIOSTAR’s entire AM4 motherboard line-up now supports the latest AMD Athlon™ 200GE, 220GE and 240GE processors. ALL the BIOSTAR AM4 home/office, gaming and crypto mining motherboards can take advantage of the latest Zen core and Radeon Vega iGPU technology. This will be great for anyone looking to get back into desktop computing or have a quick and easy upgrade. The models include: A320MD PRO, A320MH PRO, TA320-BTC, TB350-BTC, A320MH, Hi-Fi B350S1, B450MH, B450MHC, RACING B350ET2, RACING B350GT3, RACING B350GT5, RACING B350GTN, RACING B450GT3, RACING X370GT3, RACING X370GT5, RACING X370GT7, RACING X370GTN, RACING X470GT8, RACING X470GTN, B45M2 and A320MY-Q7

Best Meets Your Needs

The AMD Athlon™ 200GE, 220GE and 240GE are inexpensive APUs, perfect pairings for the BIOSTAR motherboards to offer the right combination of features to fulfill your requirements such as web browsing and video streaming. With support for AMD’s Athlon™ 200GE, 220GE and 240GE processors, BIOSTAR AM4 motherboards can provide more responsive systems, reliable computing and smoother game play.

BIOSTAR AM4 Motherboards Update BIOS

BIOSTAR AM4 motherboards with AMD Athlon™ 200GE, 220GE and 240GE create a bang-for-buck desktop PC for home/office, gaming and crypto-mining builds. Now, go to the download page of your motherboard’s product page and download the corresponding BIOS version as listed below. Users can also use the BIOS Flasher Utility at the BIOS page.
*Please update the BIOS first then install the processor.

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