X86(PC base)
System Diagram
Broadcasting log
 Unlimited number of digital signage clients can easy connect to server without complex setting
Players controlling & management via network
 Update playing list with contents from Control Sever through Internet
Group management
 Client Players grouping and authorization within the Tree Menu
Display zone Split (maximum 7 zones) & flexible layout design
 Through simple drag & drop to customize screen layout or reuse existing templates create as many tiers as you like to show different messages or promotions altogether
Instant Scrolling Text Message
 Live information best for during conferences, parties, sporting events,exhibitions and other live events
Scheduled content playback
 Set your digital signage to play campaign messages at an appointed date and time
Live TV signal input (optional)
 Combine ads with DTV to engage a waiting customer or to capture viewer attention. (Compatible tuner is required to display DTV)
Clock synchronizing from Server
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