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New BIOSTAR B560M SILVER, Based on the B560 chipset, and fully supports the latest Intel 11th generation processors with PCIe 4.0 support. The B560 series provides users with a complete and high-performance operating experience, including ultra-fast network speed and more stable power technology, especially for gamers and video workers to provide a smoother experience.

Digital PWM
Increases system efficiency
Has faster transient performance
Delivers stable power and reliability

Makes you overclock smoothly
Improves thermal performance
Delivers superior efficiency and performance


Combining 3 into a small package, Dr. MOS can reduce switching losses that enables superior efficiency and performance at higher switching frequencies.


Supports DDR4- 4000+(OC)
Deliver higher performance and DIMM capacities
Improve data integrity and lower power consumption
Feature Daisy Chain design and offer better memory overclocking

PCIe 4.0
Supports a 16GT/s bit rate
Maintains backward compatibility
It is 2X bandwidth than PCIe 3.0

PCIe M.2 4.0
Delivers lower latency
Delivers the highest bandwidth 64Gb/s
It is 2 times faster than PCIe M.2 3.0

USB 3.2 GEN2x2
Reversible Type C connector
Improves data transmission speed
Has a max data transfer rate of 20Gbps

Strengthens electrical stability
Makes internet more stability at home
Prevents damage from lightning strikes and electrical surges

★Features 2.5G having higher data transfer speeds
★ It is 2.5X improvement than standard Ethernet connections.


HDMI 2.0
With Intel 11th gen processors, can do 4K at 60Hz
Fills the entire screen with lifelike images
Expresses bright and highly detailed content

Offers more colorful lighting options
Supports to a wide array of peripherals
Comes with the RGB 12V LED header and ARGB 5V LED header

Change system colors
Enjoy the process of computer modding
Customize the on-board LEDs and LED ROCK ZONE

CPU OPT Header
Keep your computer stable
Connect any kind of water coolers
Enjoy awesome liquid cooling system

It has automatic detection system
Ensures optimum performance and save more energy
Detects temperature of PC to make fan operate at defined speed


A.I TP Control
Provides a user-friendly BIOS environment
Enjoy extreme overclocking performance


EZ Mode
Features easy-to-use BIOS system interface
Guides you to solve your problems with ease
Makes everything as simple and efficient as possible