V-RANGER Helps To Break 3DMark 06 World Record


BIOSTAR Microtech Int’l Corp. announces that a well-known overclocker CornerJack broke the 3Dmark 06 world record for GeForce 8600GTS using Biostar Sigma-Gate VR8603TS21 with V-RANGER. CornerJack, who is based in Belgium, was able to overclock to respectable core 1023MHz and 2320 MHz memory clocks. V-RANGER is the world top 1 solution for VGA cards. The hardware and software tool makes it possible to real-time modify voltage of memory and GPU. V-RANGER utility is available on a wide range of Sigma-Gate cards including VR8603TS21, VR8602GT21, VR8502GT21, V7602GS21 and V7303GT.

About V-Ranger
V-Ranger is revolutionary software for optimizing the best voltage, frequency and temperature values of each individual card. V-Ranger stands for Voltage Ranger, which is the first VGA based dynamic voltage regulation in the world. V-Ranger makes the concept of “power-on-demand” a reality. The user gets into its hands a powerful tool that can dynamically control the voltage of GPU and memory to achieve either the best overclocking results of the GPU or the lowest power consumption and temperature value of the card than before. The lower temperature will translate into a longer lifetime of the VGA card with enabled V-Ranger function. The V-Ranger will revolutionize the way power-users can overclock their graphic cards and utilize available power. Biostar sets the bar for a full overclocking experience high. This technology will finally enable every power-users to control the most important settings of his/her VGA cards.

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