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Enrich Your Life Right Now

TB360-BTC Expert supports up to 17 graphics cards with 17 PCI-E 3.0 slots. BIOSTAR is breaking the rules to reveal innovation opportunities, and there is a possibility of you earning more money.

Enrich Your Life Right Now

We Have the Most Professional Design for You 

TB360-BTC Expert has 17 x PCI-E 3.0 slots that allow for USB riser cables to be plugged directly into it, and the neat layout of PCI-E slots can prevent overcurrent and short-circuit damage making mining more smoothly.

Making Dual PSUs Possible

There are two 24Pin power supply connectors on the TB360-BTC Expert for you over all power. It also supports two power supplies in the same time and no need to set up jumpers.

Blockchain Grade Protection

PC systems can be damaged or destroyed by electrical surges. TB360-BTC Expert offers SUPER LAN Surge Protection which limits surge voltages reaching protected crypto mining rig to safe levels.

Blockchain Grade Protection

Fast, faster, the fastest

BIOSTAR TB360-BTC Expert uses Intel H370 chipset to support native PCI-E up to 17 slots. Every slot has a dedicated channel which means you can enjoy an unimpeded mining experience.

Saving Up to 2 Computers

TB360-BTC Expert supports up to 17 graphics cards not only saving more money but also high-performance. To compare with 6-GPU motherboard, TB360-BTC Expert can help you save 2 sets of CPUs, motherboards, SSDs, memory cards, and other PC peripherals. Bringing you the best cost saving solution is still our original intention.

Never too Late to Mine

To compared with three crypto mining machines with TB250-BTC, one ultimate rig with TB360-BTC Expert efficiently boosts crypto mining performance to maximize your profitability and make the lowest cost per MHz hashrate.

User-Friendly Applications for Rig Maintenance

TB360-BTC Expert includes PCI-E slot detection BIOS boot screen. The unique BIOS for BIOSTAR BTC series motherboard, which can detect GPU state on POST screen before entering operating system.

A Simple Setup for Crypto Mining

TB360-BTC Expert has an exceptional Mining Mode BIOS setting which is enabled by default that helps you set up easier and boosts mining performance effectively in an organized way.