Racing Series Lighting Control and RGB Strip Headers

The growing trend in customizing and building color-themed PCs is one that has been one of the key factor in some people's decision making in selecting their motherboards when building a new system. BIOSTAR has taken this into consideration when creating its new RACING series of motherboards featuring the VIVID LED DJ feature.

BIOSTAR's VIVID LED DJ in tandem with the onboard LED lighting of the BIOSTAR RACING series allows up to full-color. BIOSTAR also opted to go with a neutral board color scheme allowing the LED illumination on the PCB and heatsinks to be customized allowing a wide-range of color schemes for easily pairing with your build color of choice.


Using the Vivid LED DJ, you can adjust your color scheme of on-board LEDs , MOSFET Heatsink LED and RGB LED Strip. It can also help you maximize your computer's performance or conserve energy.

Performance Modes


Balance energy consumption and system performance
Save energy by slightly reducing system performance
Maximize your computer's performance

Sparkle Modes

LEDs are constantly lit.

LEDs gradually flash on and off.

LEDs flash at a specific frequency.

Shine & Music
LEDs will flash according the music.

5050 LED FUN Header

This header providers 12V power and RGB control pins for connecting RGB LED strip. The RGB LED strips can make any color, and they're flexible and easy to decorate your pc case.

5050 LED FUN header supports standard 5050 RGB LED strips, and it's best to keep the length within 3 meters for best brightness. If you want to shop for them online, just search for 5050 LED strip and there will be a lot of options to choose from.

Let's party with BIOSTAR VIVID LED DJ!