Before get started to build the mining system, please keep the system power off from Step 1 to Step 3 for the installation safety.

Step 1.

Connect Power Supply 1 to 4-pin power connector, 24-pin power connector and one PCI-e X 16 VGA card.

Step 2.

Connect Power Supply 2 to the other five VGA cards, 4-pin 12V AUXPWR 1 and 4-pin 12V AUXPWR 2.

Step 3.

Follow the instruction below to establish a short circuit between No. 15 pin and No. 16 pin on the 24-pin power connector of Power Supply 2.

Step 4.

After finish H/W configuration, please turn on Power Supply 2 first and then turn on the power of motherboard for Power Supply 1.

To keep the mining rig operating stably, please install the system in an environment where there is a sufficient volume of air available to cool your rig. To top it off, you can use two industrial fans to make the air convection much efficient.