Are you still searching for a dedicated motherboard as the robust and durable base for your Bitcoin mining life? BIOSTAR TB85 would be your top choice and offers the optimal mining performance with six PCI-e slots for miners who wish to create an ultimate mining rig. Briefly, TB85 brings you a value-oriented motherboard to be loaded up with six graphics cards at the same time to boost up the mining speed for higher hash rate and make the mining performance most efficient.

To top it off, the BIOSTAR TB85 features 100% solid capacitors to increase the longer lifespan and greater durability of your motherboard. 100% solid capacitors keep the motherboard and the system operating stably in 24/7, bringing the most bang for a miner's buck. What's better, TB85 with two extra AUX power connectors exceptionally supports the sufficient power to enhance the performance of graphics cards for more stable operating.

Of all the available alternatives out there, the TB85 can be baffling to select the perfect hardware to suit your mining needs and be budget-friendly at the same time, effectively increasing your rate of ROI. We believe in providing the best value-for-money products to be accessible to the most of miners.

The special circuit protection design for TB85 detects overvoltage conditions and prevents voltage surges from spreading in real time. It also actively cuts off the overvoltage supply to protect your system. Furthermore, overcurrent protection prevents the motherboard from unwanted damage when doing overclocking or an unusual current import. Last but not least, overheat protection prevents the board and the CPU from burning when exceeding the temperature limitation.